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Water proof, lasts for over a week and is safe for use on the skin. Perfect for teens, tweens, Bachelorette parties, swim teams, dragon boat teams! Basically, anyone who wants some bling on their body!

YES! I am finally able to offer amazing, blinged out Glitter Tattoos to my clients on the North Shore and Lower Mainland. 

Glitter Tattoos use skin-safe body glue and cosmetic grade glitter to create beautiful and colourful tattoos wherever you want them!

Glitter tattoos are waterproof and can last over a week if you look after them!  Ideal for entertaining older siblings who have grown out of face painting and balloon twisting! Perfect for Bachelorette parties, Casino parties and Vegas themed parties! Great for outdoor concerts and festivals, night clubs, swim teams and they will last, even in the pool!

My new kit is sma
ll and portable, and I can work just about anywhere. I have hundreds of stencils to choose from, and a veritable rainbow of glitter colours to customize your look! 

You could even provide me with a stencil of your choice to use at your event such as a company logo or lettering.

Host a Glitter Tattoo Party or add it to my current Face & Body Painting services at your event in the Lower Mainland! 

Contact me today for rates and availability.