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Gestational Art (or Pregnant Belly Painting)

Click here to see a video of Melanie painting beautiful bumps at the Bi-Annual Bellies to Babies Celebration, April 2011. Melanie will be painting again for the successful trade show on October 2, 2011 and again in Sept 2012.

Create a unique keepsake of this very special time! Check out the gestational art gallery here!

Would you like to have your belly painted in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your partner, mother or friend? Let them share in this magical time and celebrate with you the wonder and beauty that is your belly. Your very round, full belly with it’s very special secret inside, just waiting for the right time to enter into this world. Not only is this a special time for your family but it is also an intimate look at who you are, what your hopes are for your unborn child and a blending of you and your partner’s rich cultural heritage.

You could choose to take elements from your own memories, precious moments or times in your lives and incorporate these ideas into the artwork. You might want to take a funny or famous colourful image and use that, or a detailed, tattoo-like graphic to really make a statement. Maybe an image from a nursery rhyme or even the child’s name in a beautiful design.

My paintings will not last though. The paint is water based and will wash off as soon as you step in the shower or use a wash cloth. However, if you would like to capture the art I can also provide the services of a photographer. I have a photographer who can join me and create a unique keepsake of your art.

Maybe you would like me to attend your baby shower and not only paint your belly but include your girlfriends too? I can paint pretty eye designs using an array of colours and glitter so that your guests feel included too. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy this alternative art and choose to give a gift certificate. Pregnant belly painting is a unique baby shower gift and a great way to celebrate a pregnancy!

Call me today for prices and to schedule your session! 

Only hypoallergenic FDA compliant water based makeup is used. Ideally, you need to be at least 6 to 8 months pregnant, but it could happen anytime after you start to show!