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Wouldn’t it be great to be more creative and find exciting new ways to enrich the special relationships you enjoy with your children, family and community? Let me show you how, step by step...!


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Learn the basics of face painting from a Professional Face Painter of 15+ years.

In her first eBook, Melanie Dawn shows you how to paint fast and effective designs using a simple step-by-step format.

With 40 colour pages, 114+ full colour photos, Melanie will show you how to master the 4 essential sponge techniques that will give you airbrush quality bases and 8 brush strokes to give you professional looking linework.

Melanie also shares valuable health & safety info that will enable you to plan ahead for your public or private event.

The Top 10 boys and girls faces are covered here in full colour including princess, pirate and butterfly each in 4 easy steps. Check out the sample pages below!

Great value at just $4.99!





I've refined this layout and style to be concise, informative and fun - saving you time and getting you painting straight away! Here's a chance for you to review the quality for yourself...


Welcome to 'Simple Face Painting' eBooks!

Wouldn’t it be great to be more creative and find exciting new ways to enrich the special relationships you enjoy with your children, family and community?

Let’s work together and I’ll share with you my step-by-step approach to create beautiful and rewarding face painting experiences using simple techniques and affordable materials.

I’m a mum so I know how great you are at juggling different roles - if you’re like some of the mum’s I know, you’re a superhero!

I also appreciate that there are so many demands on your time. So I carefully choose only those designs that both look fabulous and take 3 minutes or so to complete after a bit of practice.

Sharing special moments with our kids is one of life’s great gifts, don’t you think?

When they first look into the mirror after being painted there’s a moment when they don’t recognise themselves, then it gradually dawns on them and you'll see the biggest smile you’ve ever seen!

That’s what face painting is all about, instant magic - intimate, rewarding, transformative.

Safety is paramount and in my eBooks I provide you with all the information you need to ensure that face painting with your child is safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

But let’s be practical too - if you’re like me there’s only so much time and money to go around, and there's often more demand than supply! I didn’t want you to have to pay top dollar for a hardback book, wait around for deliveries and pay shipping costs, life’s too short.

That’s why I’ve chosen the eBook format - it's simple and immediate. You can read it on your pc, laptop or iPhone, whatever works for you.

It’s also a great fit for busy mums - economical, portable and instantly accessible!

When you invest in a MelanieDawn eBook, you...

  • discover a new way enrich the special relationships you enjoy with your children, family and community
  • share rewarding and magical moments with your children
  • ensure your child is safe, comfortable and having fun!
  • enjoy a product that is economical, practical and portable


What People are Saying...


The face painting was fabulous and the kids absolutely LOVED their artwork! Great work Melanie !!  Fiona Easton, Brooksbank Elementary School, Vancouver

Your face painting was outstanding and a huge hit!  Lori Zondag, West Vancouver

Thank you again for the amazing work you did at my son’s Birthday Party!  It was a big hit with the kids!  Mrs C, Vancouver

I have to say that you were absolutely magical in what you do. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family!  Shafik Ladha, Re/Max Westcoast, Richmond

Thank you so much Melanie!! We had the greatest party thanks to your amazing art work!  Mrs G, Vancouver

Melanie Dawn...always has a line up of excited kids waiting for her to create her magic!  Stefanie Barilla, Sherwood Park Elementary, North Vancouver

I believe you were put on this earth to make people beautiful...!  Mrs E, West Vancouver

A Bit About Me...



I specialized in photography and theatre design at art college in Oxford, England where I developed my interest in portraiture and indigenous arts before shaping my career as a freelance face and body painter.

Since then I have enjoyed high profile engagements on both sides of the Atlantic including Toys-R-Us, Metro Vancouver, Royal Bank of Canada and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!

I'm also the proud mum of 3 gorgeous boys! They teach me every day about living in the moment and experiencing life to the full.


Sharing the knowledge and experience I've gained from 15 years in the industry has become a joy, and reaching out and connecting, person to person, with face painting friends, well wishers and enthusiasts all over the world has become a great inspiration for me.

I hope we get to meet up soon!


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I look forward to hearing about all your successes - Happy Face Painting!