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Go Lions!!

It's official, I am now the makeup artist to 'The Fan with the Flag' A huge fan of the BC Lions football team here in Vancouver who attends all the home games. I start with the first home game of the season against Saskatchewan on June 13th at BC Place. We will be doing my own design based on the orange cougar logo for the Lions. Plus I'm hoping to pick up some more faces to paint along the course of the season so if you're interested please contact me for locations of where I'll be on game day!

Update long overdue!

Hello. I know it's been ages since I last posted and for that I apologise. I've been working almost every weekend since I posted in Feb. SO much has been going on what with the Vancouver Winter Olympics and my birthday. I've been getting ready for the Annual Seycove auction at the end of March and the International Make-up Artists Trade Show in April not to mention a visit from my folks too. I have lots of stories to tell but will save them for next time. For now, here's some photos of my experiences over the last 5 weeks. Until next time


Wagging Tails and Painted Faces. Happy New Year!



On Saturday I had the pleasure of painting at the grand opening of the new branch of the Royal Bank of Canada on Marine Drive, North Vancouver. It was a very wet day so business was slow but I painted some great kids and a couple of ladies who were going out later in the evening with fancy eye designs.

I had the opportunity to meet an Olympic torch bearer who had done his part in the relay and was a member of staff at the bank. I also met Olympic athlete Rukayata Abdulai who competed at the games in Beijing, is a Canadian long jump champion and won the 2009 BC Premier's Award for best female track and field athlete! She's looking forward to bringing home a medal for Canada at the London 2012 Olympic Games. RBC is a sponsor of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games here in February as well as the Paralympic Winter Games and co-sponsor of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

The day was also an opportunity to raise funds for the Canadian guide dog society which meant that there were dogs and puppies there too with their trainers. I could have painted them if I'd had another kit, and brushes, and sponges! It can be done! Snazaroo paint is great like that.

I had a great time even though it was so wet. Torrential rain kept away the crowds but that meant I had time to spend on some really great face designs. I was even able to practise my Olympic rings and painted 2 boys five times!

So even though it was a bit wet out, I think the day was a success for all involved and for me too. They were all very pleased and I passed out lots of cards. I even had an elderly gent tell me that he was falling in love with me as my face paint was "very pretty" and that I brought "joy to everyone". I blushed and shooed him away! His wife was standing right next to him! She said "it's obvious you're following your passion, I wish you all the luck". I thanked them and had to choke back a sob as they turned to leave. It was very humbling and I realised how blessed I am to have this opportunity. This IS my passion and I want to do so much more. I hope to paint my first pregnant belly soon: let me know if you are due in the Spring and I will paint you for free! First come first served! I'm also working on an ebook of easy step by step designs ready for Easter. I'm still working on the Halloween one, I guess it will be out in the Summer now!

I am thankful for a productive weekend and I hope for more work in this quiet post-Christmas period. Happy New Year!

Mascots, Ice and Toques - getting excited for the Winter Games in Vancouver 2010


So Saturday I was painting at the Richmond Oval for the Royal Bank of Canada's Winter Carnival. I got to meet Leo the Lion, the mascot for the Olympic Torch Relay, sponsored by the RBC, and painted up a storm in the speed skating arena. I had a fantastic time and was very well looked after.

At one point a gentleman, a senior member of the banking staff, told me he had a formal event to go to that evening and would I mind painting his head! He wanted the Olympic Rings painted on the top of his bald head, which was a first for me, so I agreed! I felt a bit under pressure as his grandkids, wife and daughter looked on, taking video and photos. But it was fine and turned out really nicely. He was so pleased with his novel art piece that he gave me a tip too, which is always gratefully received! I also had the opportunity to update my rainbow butterfly, whaddya think?






A great day was had by all and I had a fab day too. Thanks to George and Isabel for their trust and enthusiasm in me and my work. You are very much appreciated x