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12 Days of Halloween: Day 2 - Widow Spider

2nd video of the season. Music again by Solstice

A Thrilling Halloween on the North Shore

WOW - We had a great Halloween, hope you all did too. I think it was my first Halloween that I really got into the spirit and hammed things up big time. Being from the UK means we seriously lag behind North America and Canada when it comes to the holidays! Most of you will know that I'm a bit of an extrovert and go out of my way to shock and amuse. Much to the dismay of my boys! I had planned a secret costume but didn't have time to do a practise run through before the day so winged it based on the research I had done before hand. I was Michael Jackson for the night... Full on, Smooth Criminal, wrecked nose, back from the grave MJ. If I do say so myself - nailed it! I got so many compliments and double takes that night, I knew I had done him justice. It was my ultimate tribute to the King of Pop. May he rest in peace.

Once I was made up, I then had to go to my private clients to get them ready for the big night. I was so glad Halloween fell on a Saturday as I was able to fit more people in. I painted a racoon, ventriloquist's dummy, Tribal Jack Sparrow, black eyes, vampires and zombies. I was able to get back in time to make up my two oldest boys and pop some HUGE false eyelashes on my neighbours daughter for her doll outfit and we were off out to spook the neighbourhood. Again my husband managed to get out of partaking in the festivities...his loss and for the second year in a row, my youngest had the flu and couldn't go trick or treating with his brothers. Check out the pics from the night in the gallery. I'll be posting all the images of the Michael Jackson study in a gallery of its own too.




Safety First!


Happy Halloween from Melanie Dawn!

Don't forget to be safe this Halloween:

* Encourage your kids to wear face paint and not masks as it hinders their peripheral vision leading to trips or falls. Be especially careful when crossing roads.

* Use only safe, FDA compliant face paints and not 'dollar store' or acrylic paints. These can be damaging to the skin, cause burning, inflammation and irritation not to mention that it is very hard to remove without causing discomfort. I use a Professional, water-based make-up called Snazaroo which can be bought from Party Bazaar and Michaels. I've used it for 15+ years and never had a reaction or complaint : "the worlds safest and easiest to use face paint!" Check out their website for more info on paint safety.

* Do not Trick or Treat houses that are not decorated or do not have their porch lights on. The residents might not celebrate Halloween and we should respect their wishes.

* Inspect your kid's loot bags before they consume anything!

and  ALWAYS accompany your kids when they're out Trick or Treating, making sure they are aware of stranger danger and NEVER to enter the homes they are visiting.