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About the Paint

The products are water-based and wash off easily with mild soap and water. SNAZAROO provides the world's safest Face Painting product. Not only do their products meet all FDA and European safety guidelines, but they also carry a child toy safety rating. The paints apply easily with water and a brush or sponge. They wash off easily (even after a 15 minute activity or a 3 hour birthday party) with mild soap and water or baby wipes.

Removal Instructions

Always remove face paint on the same day. Baby wipes can be used to get the majority of the paint off first if you have them available but Snazaroo paint can be removed easily with a mild soap or tear-free baby shampoo and a warm wash cloth. Do not scrub the skin. If residue remains, apply a small amount of facial cleansing lotion in a circular motion and gently wash again. 


More information about the safety of Snazaroo paints can be found here