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Hello and thank you first of all for visiting my site. I am so pleased that you have chosen to have a professional painter for your event!

I am a Face & Body Painter in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

My work takes me all over the Lower Mainland working for Private Clients and Corporate Institutions, Schools and Retailers including Toys R Us, Royal Bank of Canada and IKEA. During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver I painted over 500 children and adults. I have painted in both Canada and the UK from where I immigrated in 2007.  

Art, Theatre and Music both on stage and behind the scenes occupied my time at school, the body and self expression being the catalyst for my artistic focus, studying African Art and Portraiture at High School and specializing in photography and theatre at Art college in Oxford, England.

"To paint on one’s skin be it for war, ceremony or hierarchical identification is a primal, prehistoric art. It resonates on a deeper level than just makeup, transforming a shy child into a warrior or a plain-jane into a glittering marvel that they embody as if they’ve been given a mask and a role to play. It’s very satisfying for me to see these revelatory moments when a child first looks in the mirror after they’ve been painted. They stare as if they don’t recognise themselves, then they smile the broadest of smiles and jump up to show everyone. That is why I do what I do - I give the child or adult the gift of imagination, to, for a short time, become something they’re not, to play a part, to drop the inhibitions and have fun." Excerpt from my Book 'Simple Face Painting' Vol 1

“Everything you can imagine is real”
Pablo Picasso


 These are a few of my favourite things: my 3 wonderful boys, my amazing musician husband, make-up, singing, art, swimming, cycling, running, laughing, movies, music of all kinds, sunsets, chocolate, red wine, comedy shows, dancing, coffee, having my hair cut...